xrandr support / xffm: cursor keys

Jeroen jvalkon at xs4all.nl
Sat Sep 13 19:07:43 CEST 2003

>>> 1- When a keystroke has two different functions depending on
>>> circumstance, the behaviour is confusing (at least to me).
>>> 2- The left key is only a convenience synonym for the keypad "-" key,
>>> placed there because laptops don't have a separate keypad. The
>>> behaviour
>>> of the keypad "-" is gtk default, so you can expect it to be 
>>> repeatable
>>> in other applications.
>> Hmm that's a shame. Once you've used, you're hooked. You can try for
>> yourself it in the filemanager of the other well known PC operating
>> system
>> (whose name i won't reveal in fear of patent or DMCA issues ;-).
> So if it is a well known behaviour, then 1) would not apply and the 
> behaviour you suggest will be added to 4.2.


>> Maybe i'll suggest it to the gtk developers...
> Good luck. The guy in charge of the treeview is apparently Kristian
> Rietveld <kris at gtk.org>.

I'll try to convince him.

Thanks a bunch

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