ANNOUNCE: Xfce4 Release Candidate #4 is now available

Olivier Fourdan fourdan at
Thu Sep 11 22:37:12 CEST 2003

RELEASE NOTES - XFce 4.0-rc4


   1. Summary of changes between rc3 and rc4
   2. Where do I get it?

Summary of changes between rc3 and rc4

    * Window management improvements for applications using older 
      toolkits like motif or tk
    * Icon scaling in the panel was improved
    * Several small fixes in the file manager

Where do I get it?

Source tarballs and binary packages are available. For download
locations visit . 

RPM packages for redhat 8 and 9 are provided with the release. Debian
packages should be available soon for 'unstable'.

Third party software, enhancing the functionality of XFce 4, can be 
found on the Xfce goodies  web site (

Thank you for your interest in XFce 4. Please report bugs to 
xfce4-dev at (you can subscribe at

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