XRay's xffm problems

nestu nestu at lunar-linux.org
Sun Sep 7 18:09:56 CEST 2003

Although a priori it may not seem reasonable, I'll paste irc conversation:
<XRay> hi there.
<XRay> i got the problem that not every jpeg picture is previewed unless 
auto-preview is activated.
<XRay> (xffm)
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<nestu> XRay: you mean pictures are previewed although auto-preview is 
not activates?
<XRay> of course it is. but some of the jpeg files are not shown. some 
are .?!?
<nestu> XRay: mail the list
<XRay> oh no. not a mailing list :( i?am not a fan of that
<XRay> will post it on the wiki
<nestu> XRay: no
<nestu> the wiki is a whish list
<nestu> wish
<nestu> not a place to send bugfixes
<tuggy> he can wish that no pictures are previews unless auto-preview is 
<tuggy> :PP
<XRay> there is a todo section, too
<XRay> not only a whishlist
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<XRay> but unless none of the developers takes a look at it they won?t 
<XRay> i will keep on posting bugs on there. as mentioned i don?t like 
mailing lists.
<XRay> out now
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