Some problems with xfce4-rc3

Christopher Chan feizhou at
Sat Sep 6 11:11:33 CEST 2003

Hello list,

There are two problems that I have found with xfce4-rc3:

1) The Help button fails with problems about being
     Error launching browser window mozilla
and another one being:
     Error lauching browser window:TypeError:
has no properties

Two different error messages because they occured on two different 
machines. Both have MozillaFirebird installed if that is any help...

2) The Printer Management launcher in the menu associated with the Print 
icon loads but shows nothing. Does that have anything to do with whether 
  I am running as root or not?

BTW, Xfce4 rocks and without the memory hogging too! Happily coping with 
memory chewing thunderbird (still smaller than Evolution and with a much 
faster implementation of IMAP [almost as good as Lookout Express]) and 
firebird with 128M of RAM :)

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