xfpanel - feature requests and bugs

Scott Jones scott at exti.net
Mon Oct 27 18:24:22 CET 2003

On Monday 27 October 2003 06:05, Sridhar R wrote:

> > the underlying operating system, so you might
> > consider switching to
> > another operating system (don't know what you are >
> > currently using).
>    Just wondering how kde konsole, opens quicker
>    ONLY under KDE!!! ;-)
>    GTK guys need to take care of this point!

It's got nothing to do with GTK, but KDE.  When you open a KDE-based app 
outside of KDE, it needs to run kdeinit, dcopserver, kded, and 
kbuildsycoca, which takes a bit of time.  Under KDE, those are already 
loaded with the desktop.

For example, loading konsole on my machine (a 450MHz K6-2 w/7200 RPM 
disks) takes about 8 seconds.  If I have another KDE-based app already 
open, it takes 3 seconds to load.  Still slow, but so is my machine.

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