Problems compiling xffm under NetBSD/sparc

Martti Kuparinen martti.kuparinen at
Tue Oct 7 18:03:06 CEST 2003

Chris Fuhrman wrote:

> Bad news is that I'm trying to compile xfce4 from packages on a 
> SparcStation5 running NetBSD 1.6.1.  Things seem to go okay except when it 
> machine has 64MG of RAM w/ 128M swap.  When I do a top, I notice that the 
> compile process is requesting a LOT of memory (upwards of 50M) so it's no 
> wonder the poor box is struggling.

Yes, I had the same problem when compiling XFce on NetBSD/alpha with
only 64 MB of RAM. I had, however, "enough" swap (1 GB) on that machine.
In the end the compilation succeeded but it took few days as you
might guess :-) And it was not quiet in that room as the disk was
spinning like crazy...

So if you really want to test your SparcStation, add more swap (using a
swapfile, no need to re-disklabel the disk) and let it run for a week
or two :-)

Martti ( @

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