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Maybe someone could help this guy, since I don't know that much about
Debian and locales.


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Subject: xfce4 and locales
Date: Mon, 6 Oct 2003 21:44:36 +0200 (MEST)
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i'm currently working on xfce4 packages for debian woody, i've allready
finished all the libs (glib, gtk (2.0.6), atk, pango, util, gui and mcs) and
packages are done ok and debian style (like how they are configured, paths
etc) however there's one problem. when i try to compile the actual programs
(xfce-mcs-manager etc) there are no locales being generated, even though
configure finds locales.h, /usr/share/locale etc.

is there anything needed to generate the locales which i forgot to install
or do you have any idea why it doesn't work? i really want to use xfce4, but
don't want to update to sarge / sid so plz help me (and probably alot of
other woody users). if you are interested i'd also upload the packages once
are done and send you the url, so you can link to them.

oh, i forgot to say, the "normal" way of installation with make install etc
doesn't work either, it never generates the locales.

keep up your great work!



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