xfdesktop (cvs) bug

Jasper Huijsmans jasper at moongroup.com
Fri Nov 28 14:58:09 CET 2003

Op vr 28-11-2003, om 14:34 schreef Jens Luedicke:
> Hi ..
> xfdesktop has a new bug probably introduced when
> Jasper switched back to the fullscreen background window.
> the xfdesktop window adjusts to the margins and not
> to the full root-window size:
> http://public.rz.fh-wolfenbuettel.de/~luedickj/xfdesktop.png

Hehe, you are correct. Fixed in CVS.


Also now in CVS: if you choose to not let xfdesktop set the background,
it will now look for changes in the _XROOT_PMAP_ID property on the root
window and update the desktop window accordingly. It's not complete yet,
but it works with 'xplanet -transparency' .

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