xfce4-fsguard compile probleme

Geoffroy Baud geoffroy.baud at wanadoo.fr
Fri Nov 14 16:09:51 CET 2003

hello on my powerbook G4 i had
a little probleme to compile 

first use in this function)
fsguard.c:228: (Each undeclared identifier is reported only once
fsguard.c:228: for each function it appears in.)
fsguard.c: In function `plugin_free':
fsguard.c:227: parse error before `*'
fsguard.c:228: `plugin' undeclared 

the diff her :

<     gui *plugin;
<       g_return_if_fail (ctrl != NULL);
>     g_return_if_fail (ctrl != NULL);
<     plugin = ctrl->data;
>     gui *plugin = ctrl->data;

after compile fine and work great 
thx a lot 

have a nice day . 

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