Found a bug in libxfcegui4 (4.0.1) pager code

Tyson Bashore dfunct at
Thu Nov 13 23:56:22 CET 2003

In XFCE 4.0.1, my vertically-oriented pager on the panel was very tall. 
  I investigated this and found the bug.

In libxfcegui4/netk-pager.c, line 279:
 > screen_aspect =
 >            (double) netk_screen_get_width (pager->priv->screen) /
 >            (double) netk_screen_get_height (pager->priv->screen);

The dimensions were swapped.  So, this code should be:
 > screen_aspect =
 >            (double) netk_screen_get_height (pager->priv->screen) /
 >            (double) netk_screen_get_width (pager->priv->screen);

--Tyson Bashore

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