high cpu usage for pannel

crypt at ihug.co.nz crypt at ihug.co.nz
Thu Nov 13 12:07:33 CET 2003

Looks like the culpret could be the battery monitor. With that removed
it drops down to around 1%.

The systemperformance monitor was a huge drain on this machine pushing
things up to over 10%.

Is there anyway to set the rate that plugins do updates. This could make
a huge diff in how much cpu they soak up and for things like a battery
monitor you really don't care if they only update one per second or so.


On 11/13 11:14  Jasper Huijsmans was heard to utter:
> Op 2003-11-13 11:06:55 schreef crypt at ihug.co.nz:
> >Hi I have recently recompiled xfce with the 4.0.1 release and have
> >noticed that the panel now seems to use a high level of cpu.
> >
> >This seems to run at round 3-5% with only the plugins clipman and
> >battery running other than the standard items such as the pager and
> >clock.
> >
> What happens if you remove the plugins?
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