Postponing beta release

Jasper Huijsmans jasper at
Sat May 31 13:45:06 CEST 2003


Since there's no word from Olivier yet on the beta release, I don't
think we will be able to make a release today.

We are all rather busy with life at the moment, so it is quite natural
to slip the schedule a bit. However I really think at least we should be
clear about it, or as clear as posible.

What needs to be done for a beta release:

1) do we want to bump library version numbers to 1 yet?

2) making tarballs. What modules do we release, only xfce-devel, also
   extras? I think all of them. Who makes them, maitainers, release
   manager? perhaps bump some version numbers?

3) do we want to make binaries? I'd say no. We can have a
   xfce4-beta-binaries release on SF for contributed binaries. Unless
   we have resources/voluteers to keep the binaries up-to-date ...

4) do we want the new website on-line? Would be cool, but requires a bit
   of extra work I think (updating texts, based on answers to the above
   questions). At least we need a good description of how to build the 

5) choose the release date if not today.

6) announcements

Right, so this is basically just a matter of making the decissions and
as far as I can see in the end Olivier has to be the one to make them. 

Did I miss anything?


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