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This is because xfce4-mixer runs aumix by default which is a console app.

Running a console app within X without actually launching a console (ie an xterm) leads to a X lock (when X is started from a console, that doesn't happen when X is launched from xdm alikes). This is not related to xfce, but a more general problem that affects several X applications.

There is however a workarround for this: Simply close stdin prior to run the command and X won't lock. xfce3 had such a workarround.

That said, IMO,  it's generally a bad idea to default to console app (and that's true for using pine as a mailreader too). I would prefer no application at all so that the user can set what (s)he wants w/out running into such trouble, or even being disappointed to run a console app to read mails on a (so called) graphical desktop environnement.


> > Hello,
> Hello George,
> > I think there is a bug in the xfce4-mixer. When i click on the icon xfce 
> > kicks in. I can only move the mouse , and the only way to ext is Ctl+Alt-Bsps
> Please send bug reports on xfce4 components/extras to xfce4-dev at xfce.org,
> instead of sending mail to the respective authors only.
> Nevertheless, we need some more information: What system you're on? When
> did you last checkout the panel code and the mixer code? What application
> did you configure to launch when the mixer icon is clicked?
> The above problem looks like something does XGrabPointer(), but does not
> ungrab it afterwards.
> > George
> regards,
> Benedikt
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