Pointer Connected to "Window change workspaces" Issue

Don Tanner mesa at linuxtux.org
Thu May 22 09:00:59 CEST 2003

Hello everyone,

I love being able to switch workspaces by dragging windows.
The option to adjust resistance and turn it on/off is great, Perfect.

Although,  the pointer being connected to that function is extremely
annoying and disruptive. ie: your mouse is just sitting at windows edge,
the moment you touch the mouse (moving it upwards or downards )
you switch workspaces automatically (no resistance required).
IMHO This feature >  (Pointer changing workspaces needs to be totally seperate from windows switching workspaces.)
With the pointer changing workspaces also having its own on/off and resistance settings.

This is especially noticeable on an optical mouse (high sensitivty to movement).

Please consider "disconnecting" these 2 features.

btw: did a fresh install cvs-030522 of everything including extras/ and it is really awesome!

If I have overlooked a way to "Disconnect" these 2 functions please let me know =)


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