feature request: menu on mouseclick WITHOUT xfdesktop

Matthew Weier OPhinney matthew-lists at weierophinney.net
Mon May 12 21:50:40 CEST 2003

I've been using ROX-Filer for my pinboard and file manager for quite
some time, and don't really wish to abandon it yet. I've been using the
gnome panel for the last few weeks, but it is *such* a resource hog... I
decided I'd be willing to try the xfce panel again, and I think I've got
things configured pretty well now.

A few requests, however (I hope I'm not slipping them in too late

1. xfdesktop allows you to click on the root window to get a menu that
   contains info from the panel launchers. ROX passes button-2 clicks to
   the root window already, and can be optionally configured to pass all
   clicks to it. I was wondering if xfce4 could be configured to display
   the menu *without* having xfdesktop also running?

   On a related note, could the menu itself be made a separate program
   (maybe 'xfmenu')?  I could then fire it up from a keybinding, which
   would be *very* handy! (Actually, if this is easier to implement,
   this would be all I really need!)

2. I like the tasklist, and especially having the systray and pager in
   it. However, if I've only got one window open, I don't necessarily
   want to see it take up the entire tasklist. Could the tasklist be
   configured so that each window listed only takes up, say, at most,
   40% of the width?

3. Why does the pager in the panel have such large margins surrounding
   it? I've got my panel set to size "Tiny", and each screen in the
   pager is only taking up about half the width! (I can post a
   screenshot if necessary.)

Excellent work, everybody -- rock solid work environment and panel!

Matthew Weier O'Phinney
matthew at weierophinney.net

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