xfwm: activating windows ;)

Danny danny.milo at gmx.net
Sat May 10 12:19:21 CEST 2003

Am Sam, 2003-05-10 um 12.07 schrieb Danny:
> Hi again :)
> Another observation :)
> If there are two windows open, window A and window B.
> window A is focused and has the "active" decoration.
> I click on window B and dont move the mouse afterwards.
(on the title bar of window B. If I'd click into the content, it would
work fine.)

> Switching window B to the "active" decoration takes 1-2 sec..
> But if I move the mouse after clicking, it gets applied immediately.
> (this is with cvs from 20030510T12:06+0100)
> Hmmmm :)


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