xffm settings and mcs

edscott wilson garcia edscott at imp.mx
Fri May 9 15:55:54 CEST 2003

Hi Olivier,

El jue, 08-05-2003 a las 17:09, Olivier Fourdan escribió:
> Hi Edscott,
> I've changed the mcs-plugin for xffm to use a nice editable treeview
> instead of the ugly text entries for env .variable (see screenshot)

I've got the latest CVS, and the plugin is really improved!

> The env. variable stuff don't work anyway. xffm complains "Invalid
> Argument:TERM=<whatever I type>"

I've just fixed that in CVS. Before setting the TERM variable, xffm
checks if the program actually exists and can be run. If it cannot, then
you should get the warning. The problem was that I was testing "TERM"
and not getenv("TERM").



> Btw, I think this particular mcs-plugin is all broken! Your plugin
> doesn't seem to save or load its values, nowhere... mcs API provides
> transparent hooks to save and load channel setting to XML files, but you
> need to call the routines for this to work.
> I still think the use of env variable is not needed at all, since it's
> the job of mcs: mcs is independent of the host, values are shared
> between all apps that run on the display, whatever host there are
> running on.
> I cannot figure what the use of environment variable provides that mcs
> doesn't.
> Cheers,
> -- 
> Olivier Fourdan <fourdan at xfce.org>
> http://www.xfce.org

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