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Riccardo Persichetti riccardo.persichetti at
Wed May 7 14:19:51 CEST 2003

hello all,

  i've recently discovered MenuMaker ( )
a "100% Python heuristics-driven menu generator" (as stated on
the homepage). i gave it a try and thought it could help as a
menu generator for xfdesktop. i quickly added xfce4 support,
with good results...

attached to this message is a patch to menumaker-0.8, please
note that it is a quick hack and needs some more adjusts...

to apply, download and unpack MenuMaker-0.8.tar.gz,
go to the MenuMaker-0.8 dir and type:
"patch -p1 </path/to/menumaker-0.8-xfce4.diff"

you can run the program without installing it, type:
./mmaker (for help)
./mmaker xfce4 (to generate menu: old ~/.xfce4/menu.xml
                will be overwritten)
./mmaker -o output_file xfce4 (if you want to write menu
                              (to output_file)

i thought someone could be interested in it, so here
you are...



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