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Wed May 7 04:04:26 CEST 2003

El dom, 04-05-2003 a las 07:11, Pablo escribió:
> Hi guys.
> I've been using xfce for some time and there is one thing I think is
> missing. It is present in fluxbox window manager and is very convenient.
> This thing is ability to group opened windows in one window and allowing
> a user to choose the appropriate one using tab.
> It is very convenient when you have several gvim windows opened and have
> to switch between them very often. Choosing the tab is much faster and
> convenient.
> What are your opinions?

There are a few themes that instead of using a title bar for each
window, use a title tab. This might be close to what you are looking
for. It has the additional advantage that these tabbed windows are not
in the same window as you describe fluxbox, but are separate tabbed
windows which may have different geometries. I think the tabbed themes
are bestie, tux, b4 and b5



> Cheers
> Pablo
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