desktop menu idea

Tobias Henle tobias at
Mon Mar 31 13:09:29 CEST 2003

Moritz Heiber wrote:
>>I have written a perl script to translate the debian menu for xfce4.
>>Hey, anyone around here who is *not* using debian?
> Don't you think its a little low minded to think that everybody around the world is using
> debian?
> ah, LFS before, now Lunar Linux ;-).

hm so why don't you write a script for Lunar Linux?

don't you think it is a little low minded to think that everybody writes code 
that is usable for you? ;)
sorry for the hard words (they ar just c&p from your mail) but i think we should 
be glad for everybody spending his/her freetime in OS-development ah and i am a 
not debian only linux user too :) (SuSe netBSD)

iirc jasper looks for a script to parse gnome2 menus, it would be a good task to 
cool down! ;)


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