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Sun Mar 30 20:01:54 CEST 2003

On 03/30/03 09:45, Tobias Henle wrote:
> Net Llama! wrote:
>> i dont' have gnome installed on any of my boxes where i run xfce.  if 
>> i did, i'd be running gnome, not xfce.
> strange argument against gnome-session for me, i have installed gnome 
> and kde on my "kiste" but run xfce ;) iirc my gf uses kde X"D

actually, i should prolly rephrase.  i'm not running XFCE because i lack 
gnome.  i'm running XFCE because i don't want gnome's bloat & disk space 
usage.  Hence, installing gnome kinda defeats most of the benefits of 
running/installing xfce.  i'd much rather run xfce.

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