Use of gtk spin buttons [WAS Re: Margins Plugin Bug]

Olivier Fourdan fourdan at
Sun Mar 30 16:37:33 CEST 2003

On Wed, 2003-03-26 at 09:43, Jasper Huijsmans wrote:
> Yeah, this is a gtk bug. Spinbuttons don't update their value properly
> when using the keyboard. Nothing we can do about it, I'm afraid. I
> didn't check if the gtk people know about it, though (yeah, I'm lazy).

No it's not. It's a bug in your code :P

The correct way to get value changes is to connect a "value_changed"
event to the spin adjustment, something like :
g_signal_connect(G_OBJECT(gtk_spin_button_get_adjustment(GTK_SPIN_BUTTON(spin))), "value_changed", G_CALLBACK(a_callback), a_pointer);

This, obviously , changes the callback function since the widget is now
a GtkAdjustment (and not a GtkSpin anymore).

The (int) value can then be retrieved with :

    val = gtk_adjustment_get_value(GTK_ADJUSTMENT(widget));
    if (val - floor (val) < ceil (val) - val)
        n = floor (val);
        n = ceil (val);

Humm, and yes, that probably needs to be fixed elsewhere (in
xfce4-panel, maybe :). I just fixed the margin plug-in for now.

Olivier Fourdan <fourdan at>

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