The notorious Xffm window resizing

edscott wilson garcia edscott at
Tue Mar 25 17:09:00 CET 2003

El mar, 25-03-2003 a las 08:21, Joakim Andreasson escribió:
> On 24 Mar 2003 21:58:09 -0600
> > Any opinions on status line length?
> Well on my screen, that would be ~48 characters, but I guess that people
> running with a maximized window on a 1600x1248 screen wouldn't agree.
> Maybe an approximation based on window geometry would work? On the other
> hand, I've seen gtk apps that prints stuff to the status line which just
> dissapears if beyond a certain length (sylpheed is such an app), maybe
> they use an useful routine?

No problem. I'll set it to 48 and let it be overridden with an
environment variable, say XFFM_STATUS_LINE_LENGTH.

> (Ok, so I just checked xftree and it works the same, ie. what gets
> printed in the statusline does not alter the window geometry. Is the
> method used there incompatible with gtk2?)

I believe so. Xftree has a entry widget, while xffm has a textview
> Then there still is the problem when opening a dialog for frex deleting
> a file with a long name, couldn't the name be line-wrapped in such a
> case?

Here I'll go for using an entry widget instead of a label widget, like
in xftree.

> > The option to disable the status line should also happen, but not on
> > the first release. On the first release the status line has to work
> > properly(no unwanted resizing).
> What is the "Long status line"-option supposed to do?

It prints the absolute path of files you click on with button 1. Now
that you mention it, that option has to be removed. You can see the
absolute path of any item by clicking on it with button 2.
> > 
> > > 
> > > There also seem to be a few bugs in the mcs plugin for Xffm, since
> > > if I try to set some options from there does other things than
> > > intended. Frex, trying to get Xffm to display the navigation toolbar
> > > from there only disables the menubar.
> > 
> > Hmmm. Unfortunately you are right. It must be fixed before rc1.
> There is also a problem if you try to right click a file when you've
> descended into a few directories from $HOME: the directory tree gets
> collapsed and the file unselected. To avoid this you have to right click
> some file in $HOME visible without scrolling before doing anything else.

You have just described a way to turn on the infamous "popup menu bug".
At the moment the popup menu appears, it is doing an unsolicited


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