The third mouse button...

Philip Dean pdengineer at
Wed Mar 19 17:21:15 CET 2003

>You can shade/unshade a window using the mouse scroll
>wheel (if available).

Really, I didn't know this.  I assume the "if available" refers to if the mouse has a scroll wheel.  I will have to try this when I get home!!!  To make use, you are meaning that the scroll wheel moved on the title bar will shade and unshade?  This makes me very happy!

Just a quick word to the developers....  I grabbed Gnome 2.2 via garnome just to see what they had done with it.  It took me all of about 15 minutes to exit and restart XFce4.  The light weight usability of XFce is unmatched!

(I still wish I could move an undecorated window such as GKrellM with ALT+Click though  :o)  )  Keep up the great work.

Philip Dean

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