Panel Autohide?

Jasper Huijsmans jasper at
Tue Mar 18 20:16:59 CET 2003

On Tue, 18 Mar 2003 18:21:01 +0000
Joakim Andreasson <joakim.andreasson at> wrote:

> Rox panels has a feature to make them raise when the mouse pointer is
> on the edge of the screen, this could perhaps be ported to xfce. Other
> alternatives could be to make the panel use focus-follows-mouse by
> itself (as an option) or, which is my favourite, make the panel raise
> on a predefined key combination. That one is, as of now, one of the
> few features I miss from xfce3. Anyway, I believe something like this
> is a necessity for people for whom there isn't an alternative to have
> the panel stay on top, for resolution/screen space reasons.

The autoraise on mouse entry is interesting, I can see that work. Raise
on the edge has the same problem as autohide, i.e. xfce panel is not an
edge panel. The raise on button press may be a bit more complicated,
since xfwm4 handles that. The panel is in the Alt-Tab sequence for this
reason, though -- I know, it's not the same.


Controversial idea: it seems to me that forcing the panel to be on the
screen edge could be useful. Does anyone know a reason not to have the
panel on a screen edge? (Definitely post-4.0 stuff ...)

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