Best way to update CVS install?

Peder jqp at
Mon Mar 17 17:53:59 CET 2003

 If you are using the excellent 'stow' (available at your favourite
 GNU mirror, like you configure all
 your programs with --prefix=/opt/<program-name-and-version>.

 That gives you all your compiled programs in /opt. Then you run
 'stow -d /opt -t /usr/local <program-name-and-version>' which
 makes symbolic links in /usr/local of everything found in

 To uninstall a program you simply
 'stow -D -d /opt -t /usr/local <program-name-and-version>' to remove
 the links and 'rm -r /opt/<program-name-and-version>' to remove the

 No more unknown files that you don't dare removing lurking around in

 I just don't get why Debian's the only distro AFAIK that installs
 stow by default.



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