xffm bug? (II)

edscott wilson garcia edscott at imp.mx
Sun Mar 16 15:01:07 CET 2003

El dom, 16-03-2003 a las 06:22, nestu escribió:
> Hi everyone!
> Half answering myself, I noticed I didn't tell xffm to open nano in a term. I
> did so, and it worked (no freeze) but when nano is finished, it's window has
> to be closed explicitly. Sorry :\

I'm still a not clear on how to handle this "feature". When you request
to open an application in terminal, and if the environment variable is
not set (or set to xterm), the xterm will be created with the option:

"-hold   Turn on the hold resource, i.e.,  xterm  will  not  immediately
destroy its window when the shell command completes.  It will wait until
you use the window manager to destroy/kill the  window,  or  if you use
the menu entries that send a signal, e.g., HUP or KILL."

This is a feature when you want to see the output before the window is
destroyed (to see if the script was successful or not). But in other
occasions it is annoying :-\ Maybe an environment variable, XTERM_HOLD
is the answer?



> C U!
> nestu ;))))
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