Patch for xfrun

Joe Klemmer klemmerj at
Wed Mar 12 21:09:31 CET 2003

On Wed, 2003-03-12 at 10:55, James Tappin wrote:
> JK> 1) Check command line options (not necessarily applicable here,
> JK> 2) Look in the Environment
> JK> 3) Look for a config file
> JK> 4) Use fall-back hard coded 
> JK> 
> JK> 	How'zat?
> Not out
> I'd swap 2 & 3 personally, so that I could have different default
> browsers in different places (e.g. dillo as the help browser and phoenix
> or mozilla for browsing the web).

	That works for me.  I usually explicitly start a program for specific
tasks like web browsing or email so that's why I have 2 before 3 but
either way it looks good.

Farewell neighbor.  Thank you for giving us a safe place for so many
		Fred Rodgers - 1928-2003

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