Feature request (it might be in already)

Brian Skreeg mongrol at btinternet.com
Tue Mar 11 17:08:19 CET 2003

First off I`d like to thank the efforts of the dev team. XFCE4 is shaping up
to be just what Linux needs. An lean fast and modern DE with eyecandy, speed
and usability. It's got the "good" without the bloat. There is a couple of
things I find awkward and it's enough to stop me using it.

1) Panel Autohide.
2) Panel OnTop
3) Removal of panel from the alt-tab list

At the moment a maximised app covers the panel. Luckily I can alt-tab back
to it but this is intrusive and distracts focus from the productivity apps
to the panel. The panel should be an extension of "me", it should not
attract my focus like a separate item. Autohide with OnTop and removing it
from the Alt-tab list would be a worthwhile option. If this is in already I
apologise and I've just missed it somewhere. If not, is it planned?

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