Snap attraction between windows

Jens Guballa J.Guballa at
Sun Mar 9 22:17:20 CET 2003


snap attraction between windows seems to be a missing feature and was
already requested by some people. Because this is a feature I also like
very much, and because I want to contribute to this really great desktop
environment, I started writing a patch.

The patch works without problems on my box.

Is it OK if I simply mail the patch to the list?

I still have another feature request: Some title buttons akt like a
switch to toggle the state of the window like the sticky-, the shaded-
and the maximize button. I would like to see that the icons of those
buttons change according to the states. This would require some more
*.xpm files. The SW should treat these new files as optional to be
compatible to all the exiting themes.

If wanted, I can contribute the code also for this request.

Best regards,

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