Feature requests and bugs. (a lot of)

Rob Park rbpark at ualberta.ca
Sat Mar 8 22:54:49 CET 2003

I have some suggestions, too ;)

Alas! Väinö Järvelä spake thus:
> - File context menu should be restructured in XFFM. File operations
>   should be the default menu under the cursor when you popup the menu.
>   And please, add remove/delete in the menu.

Yes! I want to be able to delete files with XFFM, not just copy and
rename them ;)

What's the point of the trashcan feature if there's no way to put files
into it? (at least, none that I can see).

> - Lock-screen should popup if there is no xscreensaver or xlock.

Yeah, that's a good idea. Not everybody has xscreensaver installed ;)

Also, perhaps the Setup menu can have a "module" for launching
xscreensaver-demo? It seems logical that the place to go to configure
stuff would have a way to configure the screensaver.

> Feature requests:
> - Mailcheck panel-item should have support for Maildir format. Maybe a
>   way to check multiple mailboxes/maildirs. And how about using fam to
>   check for new mail?

I'd especially like to see support for multiple mbox files for it to

$ ls ~/mail/|wc -l


I'd also like to see it have a configurable tooltip, like the other
launch buttons do. Simply having it print the command as the tooltip is
not cool, the tooltip "Xterm -e mutt" is ugly as sin ;)

I'd like the tooltip to tell me how many new messages there are. That
would be nice ;)

> - Option to have no popup-buttons but to press and hold item to popup
>   the menu.
> - Maybe not show popup-buttons at all if there are nothing to popup to.

The launcher sub-menus (whatever you call the things that pop up when
you click on the triangles on the panel) should be more "transient".
This means that if you click to open them, clicking elsewhere should
close them. As it stands now, I sometimes click on the triangle to open
them, then realize that I don't want to launch anything from this menu:
so I click on the desktop to close the menu, but that just opens another
menu for me. 

I'd also like to see some options for configuring which menu pops up on
which mouse button, when clicking on the desktop. I've never seen any
user interface in the world where left-clicking on the desktop pops up a
menu, and it's very disorienting for me. I'd like to see the left-button
menu moved to the middle-button, but even better, make it

> - XFWM: Window-to-Window snapping.

Yes! ;)

Also, I think there should be some kind of global iconset for XFCE, that
all apps can draw from (I think this was mentioned elsewhere on this
list; it is a good idea). That way, XFFM and xfpanel would have
consistent-looking icons ;)

Oh, and one final thing. On the configuration menu that lets me
configure the order of the titlebar buttons, I am presented with a grid
of radio-buttons. This is a very horrible user-interface design, and
very, horribly confusing... I'm sorry to say it, but it's true! What you
should do is have something like this:


Don't flame me for posting windows screenshots, but that's just an
example of a good interface for this particular purpose. "Hidden" things
go in the list on the left, visible on the right. Then you can use the
"Move up" and "move down" buttons to control the actual order of the
buttons themselves.

Just remember, I love XFCE4, and I'm only trying to make it better with
constructive criticism! Thanks for listening.

Rob Park
Without facts, the decision cannot be made logically.  You must rely on
your human intuition.
		-- Spock, "Assignment: Earth", stardate unknown

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