Feature requests and bugs. (a lot of)

Väinö Järvelä vaino.jarvela at pp.inet.fi
Sat Mar 8 06:34:02 CET 2003


I just decided to quickly test run XFCE4. This is a list of what i would
like to see fixed and added to XFCE. I won't be using XFCE because it
doesn't "yet" do everything i wish it to.. but maybe i will someday :)

Be warned that i didn't have time to go through your mailing-list
archives so there may be duplicates. Sorry.. really, i am.

- In XFFM when SMB Network doesn't find Master Browser, it should stop
  "Loading..." and report the error instead.
- Is there a way to setup SMB-support? How to use username&password for
- In XFFM when i open "Book" and i have entries in it but still the
  "drag+drop info" flashes by.
- In XFFM when there is 0 elements in tree, don't add "null path!".
  Leave it empty.
- I didn't wait and see, but does XFFM->Fstab timeout if it gets stuck
  on a mount?
- Why can i write in XFFM:s error log?
- File context menu should be restructured in XFFM. File operations
  should be the default menu under the cursor when you popup the menu.
  And please, add remove/delete in the menu.
- xfhelp4: What if i don't have Mozilla? It should ask for another
- Lock-screen should popup if there is no xscreensaver or xlock.

Feature requests:
- Mailcheck panel-item should have support for Maildir format. Maybe a
  way to check multiple mailboxes/maildirs. And how about using fam to
  check for new mail?
- Option to have no popup-buttons but to press and hold item to popup
  the menu.
- Maybe not show popup-buttons at all if there are nothing to popup to.
- XFWM: Window-to-Window snapping.
- XFFM: Use MIME-types for application support.
- Not hating me after all this =)

That's all for this time. I think...

Väinö Järvelä

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