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Tobias Henle tobias at page23.de
Thu Mar 6 15:43:48 CET 2003


manny rosa wrote:
> It would be nice to be able to control the position of
> the iconbox (top, bottom, etc) similar to the taskbar.
> When aligning the panel, maybe it could be set to
> stick to the bottom/top and grow upward/downward. I
> could drag it there, but...
xfibx saves it offset from the position it was sticked to if you close it using 
leftclick on handle -> close or it should, i hope it does for you for me it 
works. if it don't do so it is a bug please tell me!!!
i would add a automatic save but i am not shure if it is a good idea, so 
everytime you move the window it will overwrite its position.

> What about supporting user plugins. Like having a
> ~/.xfce4/plugins/ or something where users can stick
> their iconbox and other plugings that will come about
> instead of having to "su" and copy them into /usr...
hm i think this should be no problem, using a env-var for the plugin search path 
or adding the directory you suggested. but whats the problem with typing su? yes 
it is a bit more work and so only the super user could add plugins.
but i am not the person who can implement this :( otherwise i would have done it 

so i vote for it as a feature request :)

> Please no flame wars! Just ideas :)
hm we are not at heise.de so i think we won't flame becourse of your ideas.


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