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Francois Le Clainche fleclainche at
Thu Jun 19 22:56:35 CEST 2003

Le jeudi 19 juin 2003 à 22:37, Bernhard Walle a écrit:

> > The bad side effect is that a detached menu does not receive the focus
> > with alt-tab anymore, and a gkrellm or a panel hidden by mistake are
> > lost, aren't they ?
> Do you really want to have gkrellm or a deteached menu in Alt-Tab but
> not the panel itself? I think that makes no sense.

Hi Bernhard,

What I mean is : if you hide by mistake gkrellm or the panel (ie by
using focus follow mouse and press Alt+F8 while the mouse pointer 
is, by mistake, over the panel frame), how do you make them appear
again ? They are not in the taskbar, in the iconbox, in the root menu
and neither in the alt-tab list. Tell me if I'm wrong.

And yes, when I use a detached menu, I, personally, want it to
receive the focus with Alt+Tab, even if I find that this new 
feature has real advantages.

Francois Le Clainche
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