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Wed Jun 18 23:54:46 CEST 2003

Le mercredi 18 juin 2003 à 23:20, Benedikt Meurer a écrit:

> On Wed, 18, Jun 2003, Olivier Fourdan wrote:
> Hey,


> Heres the final plan for BETA2:
> > The plan is fairly simple:
> > 
> > 0) I try building basic tarballs and rpms on my side
> > 1) I tag beta2 in CVS
> > 2) We give early access to the release team for testing purpose 2 days
> > before the actual release.
> We have to put the tarballs on some ftp server because of the SF 24hrs
> delay. And the release announcement should be prepared now. We should
> also notify package maintainers and sent them the url of the temporary
> ftp space, so they can prepare packages.

Yes, that is the moment when release team needs to have copy of the
planned english announcement and release notes in order to translate

> > 3) If all goes well, I release the source, plus rpms for RH 8 and 9 on
> >
> > 4) I make the freshmeat annoucenement
> > 5) The release team start the communication process
> > 
> > Anybody ? Anything else ?
> This is good for me. Now we have to make clear, who does what? Anybody
> willing to organize "topic 5"?

With current "members", we would have :

Martin Loschwitz and Bernhard Walle = German announcements
Luis Miguel Garcia = Spanish announcements
François Le Clainche = French announcements
Voicu Liviu = Hebrew / Romanian announcements :)

By announcements, I mean original Olivier's announcement translation 
and post on various news web site for each languages.

At the same time, they send me copy of the announcement so I can 
update err, xfce web site mirror ;) with english, 
spanish and french announcements, since there is no german version 
available yet.

Maybe Allen Chen will want to translate it to chinese ?

Other english announcements needed (OSnews...). How does those ?

Package maintainers have to send me (I mean, at least by posting on the
list :) urls of their packages in order for me to update the web site.
Same thing for updated SF mirrors.

And what about using xfce-announce to talk about that ?

My 2 cents.


> > PS: We have to take the 24 hrs delay in anon CVS. Maybe early access
> > would be some ftp server... However, I don't want the "release" to be
> > leaked before the end of the process (so we can keep control and change
> > things if needed)
> I could offer ftp space to put the stuff to.
> > Cheers,
> > Olivier.
> Benedikt
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