Possible Solaris Problems

Craig A. Betts craig.betts at dfrc.nasa.gov
Thu Jun 12 23:20:27 CEST 2003

Benedikt Meurer wrote:
> On Thu, 12, Jun 2003, Craig A. Betts wrote:
> Please update xfce4 and xfdesktop. I hope all modules are fixed now, and
> you can finally enjoy Xfce4 :-)
>>>Settings, that are under control of the MCS manager are stored in
>>>~/.xfce4/settings/. Verify that this directory exists and is writeable.
>>>If it is, look at the output of xfce-mcs-manager. If no useful
>>>output is generated try to compile it using --enable-debug.
>>I added the directory and fixed this. :-)
> Please use startxfce4 to start the desktop. The script takes care of
> creating the required directories.
>>Craig A. Betts
> Have a nice day,
> Benedikt

Okay!  It all works now.  Just one last(?) question:
Is XFce supposed to remember the windows it had opened when you logoff 
and try to restore those windows when you log back in (XFce3 had this 
behavior)?  I don't recall reading about this in the docs.

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