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Thu Jun 12 16:46:12 CEST 2003

-- Marc Hildebrand <marc.hildebrand at> wrote
(on Thursday, 12 June 2003, 04:07 PM +0200):
> > -- Johan H <jhg at> wrote
> ...
> > On the other hand, not being able to get to the panel via keyboard nav
> > is another example of an "I will not use this wm" situation. I'd like to
> > see some sort of compromise -- maybe a keybinding for bringing focus to
> > the panel? (This might be something that can be done via net_wm
> > properties.)
> Full ack.
> Suggestion: 1) The "Win"-Key or 2) ctrl+alt+arrowup
> The Win-Key would be cooler I think ;)

Except for those not using a Windows-compatible keyboard... ;-)

Actually, I was looking at the default.keys theme file, and what I was
wondering is if there could be a hook called 'panel_key' that would
raise focus for the panel -- that way it could also be re-defined, just
as others can, through a custom key theme.

I'm suspecting that the way this hook would work would be to grab the
window with the NET_WM name "XFce Panel" and then use the NET_WM
protocol WM_TAKE_FOCUS to switch focus to it. Not sure how to do it with
C, tho', otherwise I'd try and hack a patch.

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