xffm-icons and automake??

Philip Dean pdengineer at myrealbox.com
Wed Jun 11 15:23:35 CEST 2003

Okay, I know discussion has taken place regarding which automake and autoconf to use.  I just thought I would through this information out.

Last night I compiled the beta1 release from CVS.  The system was a clean (just installed) MDK9.1 box.  I didn't think much of checking to see what version of automake Mandrake was using. Well, XFce4 compiles flawlessly, all except xffm-icons.  It complained that automake 1.7 was required.  I did some snooping and MDK9.1 has automake 1.4.

I have no problem with grabbing the newer automake. I had it installed on my old system.  However, I have not had xffm-icons compile since February.  I just thought this was a little ironic.  Is there a reason that all of XFce4, including xffm, will compile with automake 1.4 but xffm-icons will not?

Anyway, the solution is simple just thought I would ask the question.

Thanks for the great work!  The first thing I do with any new system now is compile and install XFce.  It is just the best out there!

Philip Dean
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