FreeBSD Port

Michelle shadoe at
Tue Jun 10 06:04:42 CEST 2003

*raises hand*
tho the way ports have been going they seem to be updated very quickly 
with the latest things.
(thank goodness FINALLY!) Seems not so long ago youd have to wait months 
for a port to be updated and now something comes out and the same day 
the port is there. very nice :)
I have heard they are restructuring them to make them more... modular?
At any rate,  id be happy to give it a try if its available.


James Earl wrote:

>I'm nearly finished making FreeBSD ports of XFce 4 BETA1.  I just need to finish xfce4-mixer, xfce4-systray, xfce4-toys and xfce4-trigger-launcher.
>If I submit the ports the regular way, I imagine it will probably take awhile until it is committed to the Ports Collection.  Is there anyone who would like me to make these packages and port skeletons available online for testing?
>Please tell me someone else here uses FreeBSD!

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