Packaging xfwm/ce4; WAS Re: How to create a package

Martti Kuparinen martti.kuparinen at
Tue Jun 3 08:17:15 CEST 2003

On Monday 02 June 2003 17:11, Matthew Weier OPhinney wrote:

> > I don't think a few extra binaries on the system will hurt
> > anybody - besides

> Right. I *DON'T* want that. That's why I use debian, and why I've used
> The beauty of the debian system is that you can easily link packages to
> those on which they depend. Thus, packages like 'xfce4' and 'xfwm4'
> could both *depend* on 'xfce4-common'; 'xfce4' might also _recommend_

Would this be okay?

* We have one top-level configure script which supports --enable-FEATURE and
  --disable-FEATURE arguments.

* You could even disable the common stuff (libxfce4util etc). This means you
  must have the required libs already installed. In this case you really must
  know what you are doing...

* The default is to enable all features.

Now, lazy people like me would just run "./configure && make" to get the 
complete system. At the same time people who like to have a trimmed
installation can disable some features. And finally package creators can
create "xfce4-common", "xfce4", "xfwm4" etc. by calling the configure script
with carefully crafted --disable-* arguments and e.g. making "xfce4" depend
on "xfce4-common".



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