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Sun Jun 1 15:40:37 CEST 2003

El sáb, 31-05-2003 a las 06:45, Jasper Huijsmans escribió:
> Hey,
> Since there's no word from Olivier yet on the beta release, I don't
> think we will be able to make a release today.
> We are all rather busy with life at the moment, so it is quite natural
> to slip the schedule a bit. However I really think at least we should be
> clear about it, or as clear as posible.
> What needs to be done for a beta release:
> 1) do we want to bump library version numbers to 1 yet?

Probably does not matter too much. I currently don't know what number we
are at not, I just compile && make install and everything works fine ;-)

> 2) making tarballs. What modules do we release, only xfce-devel, also
>    extras? I think all of them. Who makes them, maitainers, release
>    manager? perhaps bump some version numbers?

I think all of them. And maintainers should make the tarballs to avoid
overwhelming any particular one with the release process. 
> 3) do we want to make binaries? I'd say no. We can have a
>    xfce4-beta-binaries release on SF for contributed binaries. Unless
>    we have resources/voluteers to keep the binaries up-to-date ...

No is fine. Binaries will pop up by themselves, most probably not
contributed but distributed from other sites. But if binaries are
contributed, we could include them as well. The development team should
not divert attention to binary creation especially since there are so
few of us with so little time to spare. 

> 4) do we want the new website on-line? Would be cool, but requires a bit
>    of extra work I think (updating texts, based on answers to the above
>    questions). At least we need a good description of how to build the 
>    modules. 

It would be nice.

> 5) choose the release date if not today.

No particular date, rather as soon as Olivier and Benny and Tobias and
Danny get in touch and nod.

> 6) announcements


> Right, so this is basically just a matter of making the decissions and
> as far as I can see in the end Olivier has to be the one to make them.

> Did I miss anything?



> 	Jasper
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