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Fri Jan 31 13:57:32 CET 2003

El vie, 31-01-2003 a las 05:25, nestu escribió:
> Hi everyone!
> How ya' doin'? Hope you are better than me studying for my exams :þ Olivier,
> Jasper and Edscott: shall I translate es.po, so you move Edscott's to es_MX.po
> ? I think that is exactly what Edscott said, but as I'm not at home, I can't

Yep. That's what I said. In fact xffm does not have a es.po, just a
es_MX.po, which if you use as basis can save you a lot of work.

Also, many of the strings (especially the help for regexp in the find
module of xffm) are exactly the same as in xfce3, so if you know how to
do the gettext magic, you can save a lot of translating. The only glitch
is that it xfce4 encoding is UTF-8 and xfce3 is not.

catch you later, 


> read old mail. If I grab a little while from time to time, I can go
> translating them this weekend -hopefully. If not, forget this mail ;).
> Have a nice weekend!
> C U soon,
> nestu ;) a.k.a. The Es.Po Man :þ 
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