xffm i18n

Olivier Fourdan fourdan at xfce.org
Thu Jan 30 11:34:12 CET 2003

Hi Edscott,

I think you should really check i18n in xffm, the following sentences don't make
sense in a po file :

#: glade_intl:8 src/glade_gui.c:1917
msgid "xfsamba-2"

#: glade_intl:7 src/glade_gui.c:288
msgid "xffm"

#: glade_intl:67 src/glade_gui.c:876
msgid "item22"

#: glade_intl:126 src/glade_gui.c:1562
msgid "checkbutton2"

#: glade_intl:127 src/glade_gui.c:1566
msgid "checkbutton1"

#: glade_intl:128 src/glade_gui.c:1576
msgid "input"

#: glade_intl:129 glade_intl:131 glade_intl:144 glade_intl:146 glade_intl:152
#: glade_intl:158
msgid "*"

#: glade_intl:136
msgid " :  "

#: glade_intl:137 src/glade_gui.c:2237
msgid "label20"

#: glade_intl:148 src/glade_gui.c:2522
msgid "  "

#: libs/ls.c:195
msgid "%b %e  %Y"

#: libs/ls.c:203
msgid "%b %e %H:%M"

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