alpha xffm rpms available

Jasper Huijsmans jasper at
Wed Jan 29 19:58:08 CET 2003

> I built some alpha version rpms for testing xffm. If anybody is
> interested you can download them from:
> Many features are still missing and it has some identified bugs listed
> in the TODO file, but now's the time to suggest ideas.

Hey Edscott,

I must admit I haven't been using xffm at all, so my comments may be
way off the mark. But here it is.

I have difficulty using the way xffm handles trash. The distinction
between local wastebaskets and global trash collecting utility is
difficult to grasp. Also it takes a very long time to collect trash from

Wouldn't it be possible to always collect trash when adding a file to
the wastebasket and hide the local wastebaskets? I have no idea how
difficult this would be.

Second question is about the panel plugin. Is there an easy way to check
the trash? I could use that for the panel plugin. If not I probably will
remove it, since it now uses the xftree location to check for trash.


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