xfce4 development

Olivier Fourdan fourdan at xfce.org
Wed Jan 29 09:27:14 CET 2003

> Why not (Ctrl | Alt)-RightClick to toggle shading? And for that matter,
> if you had a keystroke to access the menu (is there one already? I'm in
> GNOME right now), then re-assigning the mouse-click wouldn't be an
> issue

As stated, left click on the title bar is a standard, all other "major" wm use that.

As for the keyboard shortcut, there is one obviously. It's Alt+F9.

It used to be Alt+F2, but since I've now implemented kbd shortcuts to exec
externals commands, Alt+F2 is now assigned to xfrun4 (Alt+F2 is a standard too)

And if this is not suitable, anybody is free to submit his/her own key theme...

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