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On Tue, 28 Jan 2003, Net Llama! posted the following:
NL>On Tue, 28 Jan 2003, Chuck Mead wrote:
NL>> On Tue, 28 Jan 2003, Moritz Heiber posted the following:
NL>> MH>> Sourceforge cvs is really, really, really a piece of shite!@#$%^&*
NL>> MH>>
NL>> MH>> Can't we please, please, please move it to where there are not 35,000
NL>> MH>> other projects trying to use cvs at the same time?
NL>> MH>>
NL>> MH>> I'm begging here!
NL>> MH>
NL>> MH>I never had problems with CVS (except the one problem about 2 weeks
NL>> MH>ago which has even been preannounced by and therefore don't see the
NL>> MH>point of moving it.
NL>> MH>Could you specify which problems do you mean?
NL>> sf cvs sends an end of file when it's busy (which it always is) on
NL>> anonymous co and up's. It happens all the time to me when I am simply
NL>> trying to do an anonymous co or up to build on a new machine. This means
NL>> nestu's script has to be run repeatedly to automate the process (which
NL>> is the goal of the script). The developer co is not as problematic (I
NL>> use both depending on where I am) as it seems to work most of the time.
NL>> It isn't that it doesn't work (it does) it's that we are sharing
NL>> resources with a bazillion other people and the resulting congestion
NL>> causes these problems. Since we have the capability to get around this
NL>> issue (I *DO* have the resources to provide cvs) I do not see why we
NL>> don't use it.
NL>Granted, i don't do anon checkouts as oftten as alot of the others here,
NL>but i've never had problems.  Are you using z9 compression?  I've found
NL>that makes a world of difference on high latency connections.

I am sitting on a backbone with 622MB of broadband (RH headquarters)  
this is *NOT* a high latency connection... it is SF congestion with
many, many people using cvs that is causing this problem so no amount of
compression is going to help. (I have seen this before and recognize the

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