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Mon Jan 27 20:35:35 CET 2003

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From: Chuck Mead <csm at MoonGroup.com>
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Date:  Mon, 27 Jan 2003 14:09:34 -0500 (EST)

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>On Mon, 27 Jan 2003, Olivier Fourdan posted the following:
>OF>Yes, I think you should XKillClient the owner of  ESETROOT_PMAP_ID and
>OF>remove the property.
>OF>Maybe aterm looks for that and cannot retrieve the pixmap (if, let's
>OF>say, someone ran xfbd4 just before).
>Uhm... I am running transparent aterms with zaroo troubles!

Plainly most people if not all but one person is running aterm with no problem with XFce4. Situation remains that my aterm is not displaying the background image in the body. Olivier suggests that maybe there could be a problem if someone just ran xfbd4. Would this have to be the same user? The way the system is set up now. My wife is running Xfce4 with xfbd4 and xfdeskmenu and I'm using xfdesktop. I did that to make sure xfdesktop was stable before inflicting on my wife. Could the switching between her xfbd4 and my xfdesktop be causing a problem? I admit this is probably a unique set up (and I'll probably switch her over to xfdesktop tonight), but I'm also having a unique problem.


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