Some crazy thoughts or how to make Joe's heart skip a beat

Jasper Huijsmans jasper at
Mon Jan 27 12:38:50 CET 2003

Right, these are just some crazy thoughts I've had running around in my
head. I'd like to hear some opinions on them. I haven't got a very
strong opinion on them, really, so this is your change to convince me :)

* Get rid of 'traditional style' 
Come on this is the 21st century! The future is clear and it's full of
flat buttons ... 
I got this idea when I noticed the dialog still doesn't properly handle
the cases for which traditional style should be disabled. So rather then
fix the dialog I could just rip out the feature :)

* Get rid of minibuttons alongside the desktop switcher. 
They can be replaced with the systembuttons plugin. This can look like 

I thought it was ok. This would mean less duplication of code and a
cleaner desktop switcher plugin.



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