bug fixes xffm

edscott wilson garcia edscott at imp.mx
Mon Jan 27 06:16:55 CET 2003

Good morning,

I've committed a few fixes to xffm. I tried to get the drag+drop working
with button2, but it seems that it won't (even though a RTFM says it
should). Maybe it's a gtk2 bug or I'm overlooking something. Changes:

done:  files changed to ~/.xfce4/xffm (which means no longer shared with
xftree, you can symlink xffm.reg to the old xtree.reg is you want to
keep sharing. You also would also need to move bookmarks and trashbin
files if you want to keep them, or else just create new ones).
changed: no longer fullpath in status line (if you need a full path for
 X-select copy and paste, try dragging and dropping into diagnostics

fixed: dbh configure problem in FreeBSD

fixed: bug, open in terminal from button3 menu not working

fixed: bug, delete key bringing up delete dialog while focus in input
combo or filter combo

done: Could you implent the showing of the higher directory in the tree 
      with the two little dots like xftree does?

fixed: bug, double click on scripts should be run in terminal 

done:  on double-click a script, if terminal is xterm, hold output until
user decides to close script window.

done:  When opening a folder scroll the open folder up to the top of 
       the window.  This will save a mountain of unnecessary scrolling 
       when clicking through branches on a tree. 

fixed: small glitch in title setting

done:  signal processing 

fixed: bug, add element to bookmark before expanding. expand. dummy not

fixed: bug when erasing a directory within a wastebasket.

fixed: bug, broken links are zapped and readded by monitor

fixed: bug,do a find filter *h, do one for *c, repeat both using value
saved in combo, and one of them is not there.



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