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edscott wilson garcia edscott at imp.mx
Mon Jan 27 04:35:32 CET 2003

El dom, 26-01-2003 a las 16:26, Jens Luedicke escribió:
> Hi ...
> I modified the wasteit function in remove.c to
> use glib functions for file and path parsing. 
> I tested it with files and directories. 
> If you find something please tell. 

I'm undoing your changes. Not because of the glib functions, they look
fine, but because you cut out the backup up when overwritting
wastebasket files. What? Well, when I look into the trash and find that
the file I'm looking for has been overwritten by a useless file of the
the same name, I get pissed. That's why xffm will *not* overwrite
anything in the wastebasket. User data is sacred. Backup files will be
created for everything (files deleted by a rename, files that are
overwritten by a move/copy, and other situations which are usually
overlooked). Does this create a lot of files in wastebasket? Sure it
does. But Gigabytes on the hard drive are now very cheap, much cheaper
than lost work. But wouldn't so many trashed files be hard to manage?
That's why xffm has separate wastebaskets and a trashbin managed by a
disk based hash, instead of throwing everything into the can.


If you want to put in the glib code again, it's fine with me, but
*please* don't cut out the rename where the new_name() function is
called. new_name() creates a version controlled name for the backup



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